Get your design 3D printed and free DFAM certification vouchers

Through our partnerships with SOLIDWORKS and Forecast 3D, we’re bringing you even more ways to outpace the competition with Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).

Print your parts, thanks to Forecast 3D

As SolidProfessor members practice their skills with DfAM, they can have one of their designs printed on a state-of-the-art HP MJF printer for free thanks to our partners at Forecast 3D*. These Multi Jet Fusion printers use fusing and detailing to create complex, functional parts with mechanical properties, without the constraints of traditional manufacturing. Forecast 3D will be using the world’s largest installation of these cutting-edge printers to produce these designs. Here’s how it works:
    1. Complete our Design for Additive Manufacturing course
    2. Score 80% or higher on the course review test to earn a Technical Certificate
    3. Share your SolidProfessor Technical Certificate on LinkedIn
    4. Download the part printing instructions
    5. Pick the part you want to create from the three available options featured below (whistle, geometric succulent holder, and desk headphone hook)
forecast 3d part samples
  1. Design your part within the given printing specifications
  2. Email your design files to
  3. Watch for a package in your mailbox!

Get a free CSWA-Additive Manufacturing exam voucher

In addition to having their designs printed by Forecast 3D, SolidProfessor members can prove their DfAM skills by taking the SOLIDWORKS CSWA-Additive Manufacturing exam with free exam vouchers. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply:
  1. Complete our Introduction to 3D Printing, Design for Manufacturing, and Design for Additive Manufacturing courses
  2. Score 80% or higher on the course review tests to earn Technical Certificates for each of the courses included in the learning path
  3. Share your SolidProfessor Technical Certificates on LinkedIn
  4. Email for your free CSWA-AM voucher
Continue learning about the CSWA – Additive Manufacturing exam *: Offer open to SolidProfessor members in the United States only.

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