Design Products using Master Modeling in SOLIDWORKS


Creating a Smart Phone Case with Master Modeling in SOLIDWORKS

Have you ever wondered how to design a part that fits perfectly around an existing model you didn’t create? This is a common challenge consumer product designers are faced with. Luckily, when vendors provide 3D models of their products, you can create designs to fit existing products using master modeling.

In our latest SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Design course, you’ll learn how to use the master modeling technique to design a smartphone case sized perfectly to fit an imported phone model.

Since bringing an imported model into SOLIDWORKS isn’t always straightforward, you’ll first learn about neutral file formats, and how to repair and reorient an imported vendor file. You’ll use surfacing tools to transform the vendor file into a master model, and then build the case around it.

With the master modeling technique, you’ll be able to easily translate changes from the master design to your new design. Once you’ve created the foundation of the case, you’ll learn how to prepare the model to be 3D printed by creating multiple bodies and adding fastening features. you’ll even see how to add a logo to the case design.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a custom smartphone case that be be 3D printed, and you’ll know how to apply master modeling techniques to imported parts in the future!

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