The Basics of Plastic Part Design & Injection Molding


Mold Tools and Plastic Design training course

Mold making is generally a very complex process, but SOLIDWORKS has built-in tools to simplify the process. The product and mold design process is integrated into a single software, allowing you to create plastic, cast, and formed designs, and make changes throughout the design cycle. Dive into the basics of the mold creation process and master plastic design with our 2017 Mold Tools and Plastic Design course.

We’ll discuss how you can easily create common parts and features of plastics design using a number of mold tools in SOLIDWORKS. Speed up your design process by using fastening features to automate the creation of mounting bosses, snap hooks, and vents.

2017 Mold Tools and Plastic Design – About this Course

Designing for injection molding

Master the variables that go into injection molding and plastic part design with draft analysis. Minimum draft angle requirements and the shrinkage that results from the cooling of plastic parts can be difficult to predict without experience. Draft analysis reduces time-to-market, by ensuring the manufacturability of your models.

Ensuring manufacturability

Pick up the tools to design the core and cavity of a mold by creating the parting line, shut-off surface, parting surface, and side cores. Using draft analysis, you’ll ensure all parts can be ejected from the mold after manufacturing, while also checking for draft, thickness, and undercuts.

2017 Mold Tools and Plastic Design – Draft Analysis A

Learn how to create molds for parts using the various mold tools in SOLIDWORKS and create features commonly found in plastic designs. Demonstrate your expertise in mold creation and earn a SolidProfessor Technical Certificate by completing all of the lessons in this course and scoring an 80% or higher on the course review test.

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