Harnessing Wisdom: Knowledge Capture in Engineering Design

Employees can spend 30% of their day looking for or recreating information that already exists as tacit knowledge.

It’s been said that people are the greatest assets of any organization. That’s because of the wealth of tribal wisdom, or tacit knowledge, that exists in the minds of your employees. However, if this knowledge isn’t captured properly, it can hurt your bottom line.

“Knowledge management in engineering design is beneficial because it avoids ‘reinventing the wheel’ and repeating past mistakes.”

Engineering design teams are at risk of losing valuable tacit knowledge

Tacit knowledge capture is especially important in the engineering design industry where the landscape continually changes, roles are highly specialized, and projects are increasingly complex. There’s a lot to lose as the aging engineering workforce begins to retire but even more to gain from capitalizing on knowledge that’s already present on engineering teams.

Knowledge capture is the key to preserving and harnessing the value of your team's wisdom.

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An overview of knowledge management and knowledge capture

Types of tacit knowledge on engineering teams

Why knowledge capture is needed in engineering

The short-term and long-term value of knowledge capture

How to get started and succeed

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