[E-Guide] Making Cents of It: Your Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Costing

Effectively calculate your manufacturing costs with SOLIDWORKS Costing.

Waiting for a manufacturing quote can take days or even weeks. And if the estimate is outside the scope of your budget, you have to quickly make tweaks to the design before you can submit it again. All of this downtime makes it increasingly difficult to meet deadlines or hit KPIs. However, more and more engineers and designers are turning to the SOLIDWORKS Costing module to track manufacturing costs and adjust designs with its real-time quotes.

In this downloadable SOLIDWORKS Costing pdf, mechanical engineer and college professor Justin Flett explains how you can avoid missing deadlines and unnecessary overspending by effectively using the tool. The SOLIDWORKS Costing module allows users to track and adjust manufacturing costs during the design process with real-time quotes.

When you download this e-guide, you’ll access:

  • An introduction to the SOLIDWORKS Costing add-in
  • An overview of SOLIDWORKS Costing
  • A step-by-step guide on how to use SOLIDWORKS Costing
  • An example of a SOLIDWORKS Costing report
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Mechanical Engineer & Instructor