Free White Paper: Closing In on the Manufacturing Skills Gap

The industrial manufacturing industry needs to fill more than 4 million jobs over the next decade.

With Industry 4.0 on the horizon, countless new opportunities for engineering and skilled production teams will emerge in the manufacturing world thanks to innovations like additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence. But, despite the plethora of opportunities, a widening skills gap and an aging workforce are contributing to a major labor shortage. Employers are already struggling to fill open positions.

Here’s what this skill and labor shortage spanning the next 10 years could mean:

3+ mos.

To fill open roles


Unfilled positions


In lost U.S. GDP

“[Industrial manufacturers’] strategies require a level of self-awareness and a deep understanding of their core strengths, operational goals, and vision for the future. But, again, the one option they do not have is to continue standing still.”

– strategy&

Building a future-proof industrial manufacturing team starts now.

There are steps the industrial equipment sector can take to build and upskill a workforce capable of tackling Industry 4.0. Doing so will require a strong understanding of the manufacturing skills gap and a willingness to change up traditional recruiting and training programs. One thing is for certain — the time to start closing the skills gap is now.

Download this white paper to discover:

  • The outlook of the industrial equipment industry
  • Why the manufacturing skills gap exists
  • What you can do to close the skills gap
  • Key engineering skills industry members are training on right now