Engineering, Architectural, Manufacturing Design Credentials for Utah Students

How to help your design students earn industry-recognized credentials of value

Industry-recognized credentials are a high priority for Utah CTE programs

Industry-recognized credentials (IRCs) are an important part of Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Utah. They’re especially prominent in Utah’s Career Pathways, each of which must culminate in an IRC of value. We’ll explain what these credentials are for engineering, architectural, and manufacturing design and how you can help your students earn them.

Determining Credentials of Value

The Utah State Board of Education uses feedback from educators as well as industry professionals to determine the knowledge, skills, and credentials students need to attain to be successful in key industries.

Using the Industry Standards Rating Tool

Utah uses the Industry Standards Rating Tool to gather feedback from industry professionals about what certifications and skillsets are required for success in industry. Each IRC is validated through this rigorous process.

Certifications Earned in the 2018-2019 School Year

Throughout this school year, 163,690 Utah students enrolled in CTE courses, and they earned about 16,580 third-party certifications. CAD Architectural Design was one of the pathways with the highest completion rates.

Earning the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) credential

The CSWA is an IRC for the Engineering & Technology Pathway. And with more than 546 companies in Utah using SOLIDWORKS software, this is an incredibly valuable credential for students to earn. With SolidProfessor’s expert-led certification prep courses, your students can prepare for their CSWA exam and ace it the first time.

CSWA Certification

CSWA certification prep

SolidProfessor’s industry-leading certification prep provides online videos, practice tests in a simulated environment, and exam tips & tricks to ensure your students are fully prepared to pass their certification exam.

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Free certification exam vouchers

Through our partnership with SOLIDWORKS, we’re able to offer students who complete our cert prep course free exam vouchers ($99 value/each).

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Top industry credentials in Autodesk

With thousands of excellent career opportunities in engineering and architectural design, Utah has included several Autodesk software certifications on their approved list of IRCs. We’ve outlined the top Autodesk credentials, as well as SolidProfessor’s industry-leading certification prep courses for those credentials.

Inventor Certification

Autodesk Inventor Certified User

In Utah alone, there are more than 72 companies using Inventor software, and the Inventor Certified User is an approved credential for the Engineering & Technology Pathway. Help your students prepare for careers at those companies (and more) by leveraging SolidProfessor’s easy-to-use certification prep curriculum.
Revit Certification

Autodesk Revit Certified User

As one of the most popular BIM software programs, Revit is used at more than 57 companies in Utah, and the Revit Certified User is an approved credential for the Architecture & Construction Pathway. Help students interested in architectural design earn this credential with SolidProfessor’s certification prep course.
AutoCAD Certification

Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User

AutoCAD is a highly recognized software program used by more than 1,168 companies in Utah! And it’s an approved credential for the Engineering & Technology Pathway. SolidProfessor’s cert prep course will give students the skills and knowledge they need to pass the exam.

Benefits of SolidProfessor’s Online CAD Courses

John Crow, Career and Technical Education Specialist, was looking for a tool to help his students and teachers develop their Autodesk skills. That search led him to SolidProfessor.

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Careers for CAD, BIM software credential holders

When your students earn engineering and architectural design software certifications, they have access to a wealth of rewarding careers. Here are just a few.

CAD drafter

3d on computer

CAD designer

medical device

Device designer


Mechanical designer


Design engineer

house drawing

Architectural designer

hard had

Design architect

3d building

BIM manager