Engineering and Architectural Design Certifications for Texas Students

Everything you need to know to comply with state standards and prepare students for college and careers

In Texas, industry-recognized credentials are a high priority

Texas has done a great job of prioritizing the attainment of industry-recognized credentials (IRCs) by embedding them in the state’s ESSA Plan and even providing reimbursement for certification exams. We’ve compiled the most important information about IRCs for Texas teachers.

Developing the list of IRCs

To develop the list of IRCs, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) requested feedback from stakeholders across Texas, receiving 4,000 responses containing 1,319 unique credentials. The credentials were sent to the 28 Texas Workforce Development Boards to determine industry value.

Criteria IRCs must meet

All submitted credentials were reviewed based on the following criteria: value in the industry; produced by a third-party provider; can be used as a capstone; attainable by a high school student; and portable across state lines.

Using IRCs as an accountability measure

Because IRCs open the door to careers and higher learning opportunities, Texas uses IRCs as one indicator within the Student Achievement domain of the state’s public school accountability system.

Texas schools get reimbursed for certification exams

One of only a few states to offer monetary incentives for certification, Texas gives districts exam reimbursement funding at the beginning of the school year to help offset the cost of certification exams.

Earning the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate credential

More than 3,120 companies in Texas use SOLIDWORKS software, making this an incredibly valuable industry credential for students to earn. With expert-led certification prep courses, SolidProfessor can prepare your students for the CSWA and even save your school money.

CSWA Certification

CSWA certification prep

SolidProfessor’s industry-leading certification prep provides online video tutorials, practice tests in a simulated environment, and exam tips & tricks to ensure your students are fully prepared to ace their certification exams.

earn industry certifications icon

Free certification exam vouchers

Through our partnership with SOLIDWORKS, we’re able to offer students who complete our cert prep course free exam vouchers. With the certification reimbursement from the state, you can actually make money by getting students certified!

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Top industry credentials in Autodesk

With thousands of excellent career opportunities in engineering and architectural design, Texas has included several Autodesk software certifications on their approved list of IRCs. We’ve outlined the top credentials in this space, as well as SolidProfessor’s industry-leading certification prep courses for those credentials.

Inventor Certification

Autodesk Inventor Certified User

In Texas alone, there are more than 840 companies using Inventor software. Help your students prepare for careers at those companies (and more) by leveraging SolidProfessor’s easy-to-use certification prep curriculum.  
AutoCAD Certification

Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User

AutoCAD is a highly recognized software program used by more than 9,500 companies in Texas! SolidProfessor’s cert prep course will give students the skills and knowledge they need to pass the exam the first time.  
Revit Certification

Autodesk Revit Certified User

One of the most popular BIM software programs, Revit is used at more than 266 companies in Texas. Help students interested in architectural design earn this credential with SolidProfessor’s certification prep.  

Meet TEKS Standards with Online Learning

John Crow, Career and Technical Education Specialist at Katy ISD, was looking for a tool to help his students and teachers develop their Autodesk skills. That search led him to SolidProfessor.

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Careers for CAD, BIM software credential holders

When your students earn engineering and architectural design software certifications, they have access to a wealth of rewarding careers. Here are just a few.

CAD drafter

3d on computer

CAD designer

medical device

Device designer


Mechanical designer


Design engineer

house drawing

Architectural designer

hard had

Design architect

3d building

BIM manager

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