Create Industry-ready CAD, CAM, and BIM Programs at Your State’s K-12 School

Meet your state’s CTE standards while preparing students for careers in engineering, architectural, and manufacturing design
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Meet State Standards

Every state’s standards are different so it’s important to understand how you can set yourself and your students up for success
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Get Students Certified

Some states require certification and even fund schools that prioritize it as part of their CAD, CAM, and BIM design programs
Prepare students for careers

Prepare Students for Careers

Give your students the software knowledge they need to succeed in engineering and architectural design careers

Find your state's guide to creating industry-ready engineering and architectural design programs

When it comes to K-12 education, not all state standards are created equal. That’s why we’re putting together state-specific guides for teachers and administrators to use to create the most effective engineering, architectural, and manufacturing design programs. Select your state below.


Meet requirements of the California engineering and architectural design pathways and prepare your students for careers.


Prepare your STEM and Architecture & Construction career cluster students to earn credentials approved by the Georgia Department of Education.


Discover the most popular engineering and architectural credentials for PLTW students in Maryland.


Learn how to comply with Texas industry-recognized credentials (IRCs) and get students certified for college and careers.


Find out how to help your engineering, architectural, and manufacturing design students earn Utah State Board of Education’s industry-recognized credentials of value.


Discover how you can prepare your students for industry-recognized credential exams. Plus, learn about the state grant program that will reimburse your district for each student who earns an approved certification.

Don’t see your state guide yet?

We’re continuing to add new ones, so please check back in. For now, download our State-by-State Guide to Industry-recognized Credentials in Engineering and Architectural Design for important credentialing information in your state.

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