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2018 Autodesk AutoCAD User Certification Prep Course

Industry professionals often rise to the top by proving their skills in the workplace. When an individual is certified in a technical skillset, their value immediately increases. Certification increases your chances of getting hired, earning a promotion, and being considered for executive positions. Whether the focus is sheet metal fabrication, aerospace structures, or laser-cut mechanical components, being an AutoCAD Certified User proves that you have the skills needed to create successful products.

2018 AutoCAD User Certification Prep Course – Why AutoCAD Certification

Realistic certification practice

Passing the AutoCAD User Certification Exam is no small task. Not only is the breadth of material something that requires a great deal of preparation, the test has to be completed in a limited amount of time. To pass the test, you must model efficiently, which is incredibly important in the workplace. Our AutoCAD Certification Exam Prep Course is designed to take both of these hurdles into account.You’ll practice modeling all of the various topics found on the exam while a timer counts down for each section. This gives you an idea of the pace at which you should be working. Take the test with more confidence and less stress knowing you’ve done it before!

2018 AutoCAD user Certification Prep Course – What Kinds of Questions to Expect

A comprehensive training course

By completing this exam prep course, you’ll understand the testing interface, the types of questions on the exam, and your AutoCAD strengths and weaknesses. Before you ever step into the test-taking room, you’ll already be equipped with all of the skills needed to pass, and you’ll be familiar with the structure and pace of the test environment. Dive into the course today for an accelerated path to getting certified in AutoCAD!

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