What You Should Know About SolidProfessor Coupon Codes


Many sites falsely claim to have SolidProfessor coupon codes or discounts, but in reality, SolidProfessor doesn’t offer promos to the general public.

However, we do send exclusive coupon codes, discounts, and promos to people on our email list. If you’re on the hunt for a SolidProfessor coupon code, please subscribe here.

We typically offer exclusive SolidProfessor coupon codes a few times throughout the year via a SolidProfessor email address. We offer SolidProfessor discounts on both our monthly and annual individual membership plans. Feel free to check out our pricing page to learn about our standard membership options.

When we do offer discount codes for SolidProfessor memberships, they’re typically valid for a limited time. Taking advantage of the coupon is easy: all you’ll need to do is type the code you received into the promo code section before finalizing your membership.

What You Should Know About SolidProfessor Coupon Codes

If you happen to come across a site that’s claiming to offer “SolidProfessor Coupon Codes” — and it isn’t one of our reputable industry partners (e.g., SOLIDWORKS) — it’s best to avoid the site altogether.

Watch out for the following phrases these sites tend to use:

  • “SolidProfessor coupon code”
  • “SolidProfessor coupon”
  • “Coupon for SolidProfessor”
  • “SolidProfessor discount”
  • “Discount codes for SolidProfessor”
  • “SolidProfessor promo”
  • “SolidProfessor student discount”

Although you likely won’t find SolidProfessor coupon codes or discounts from a Google search, you will find our 5,000+ expert-led online engineering courses to help further your CAD skills anytime, anywhere, and on any device. In fact, you can get started for free today. The first five videos of all of our courses are completely free to watch.

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