User Library Updates & Viewed Lesson Indicators


The SolidProfessor user’s library content is now separated into software categories, as shown in the example below.

library categories

The different software tabs will only show up if the user has access to courses within that software title.

Viewed Lesson Icons

Up until now, “viewed” icons in the form of green checks would appear only when a user watched an assigned lesson. Viewed icons have now been expanded to all lessons a user has watched (assigned or not) and will appear on the desktop, task pane, and mobile format. The icon itself has also changed from the green check which appeared on the left, to an eyeball which appears on the right, to indicate a lesson has been viewed. Below demonstrates how it will appear on desktops and tablets..


..and here is what these new icons will look like in the task pane and on mobile devices –

eyeball mobiles

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