The Top 5 Designs from Engineers Week 2022


These innovative CAD designs were voted on by our in-house engineers.

To celebrate Engineers Week 2022, we asked you to submit your CAD designs that follow this year’s theme of “Reimagining the Possible.” And you answered that call. We saw so many amazing designs, the competition was tough.

But, after much deliberation, our in-house engineers selected their top 5 favorite designs.

The winner is…

The MechaArm: 3D Printed Low-cost Functional Prosthetic Arm by Fahin

Fahin designed the MechaArm to create an affordable prosthetic hand for patients in developing countries. Features include:

  • It’s lightweight.
  • Uses a dry electromyography (EMG) sensor.
  • Customized silicon rubber, socket, and bicep brace to increase wear time.
  • Active adduction, abduction, flexion, and extension functionalities in the thumb.
  • 60-degree thumb abduction and adduction control for power grip and two-point pinch grip.
  • Multiple customizable handgrip features can be changed by mode.
  • Rechargeable battery holds up to two- or three-hour charge with continued usage.

The MechaArm offers a significantly lower cost option and a custom fit that can be replaced and reused as you outgrow them. Congratulations to Fahin!

And the runners-up are…

The BAJA SAE ATV by Ashirbad & Team

The purpose of BAJA SAE racing is to “stimulate real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges”. Therefore, Ashirbad and his team were tasked with forging an off-road vehicle that can perform with utmost efficiency even in the rugged paths and harshest surrounding conditions.

Pallas by Yandra, on behalf of Edwards Lifesciences

Pallas is a medical device that offers an invaluable sense of security to parents who have children with asthma. Pallas aids and assists with a rapid action response to an asthma attack, providing the necessary medicine and bringing the child’s health status back to normal.

The Multifunctional Barbecue by Abdullah

Abdullah designed a multifunctional barbecue that’s easy to manufacture and use with high efficiency and inexpensive parts. The outer cover of the barbecue can rotate 180˚, while the inner cover moves with the outer cover and can rotate 90˚. There is a covered drain hole for cleaning with a multipurpose barbecue pan. Bricks are added for delicious cooking and to reduce heat loss. The second grill at the bottom prevents food from falling into fire and ashes — keeping things nice and clean.

The Double-decker Bus Turned Restaurant by Rushabh

Rushabh designed an electric double-decker bus that converts into a moving restaurant. Enjoy the open roof and sky at night or close the top to avoid sunlight during the day. The bus hosts 14 tables with a capacity of 50-60 people and 4 kitchen units complete with food prep areas and proper ventilation. This spacious double-decker has everything a restaurant needs to run successfully. Count us in!

Congratulations to our top five designers and thank you to all who entered. We saw so many original ideas and loved the creativity that went into each design!

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