Tony Glockler is a “Most Admired CEO” in San Diego


SolidProfessor’s CEO, Tony Glockler, was recently honored as a finalist for the San Diego Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO Award. This award celebrates his excellence in leading SolidProfessor with effectiveness, transparency, and inspiration. Now in its ninth year, The San Diego Business Journal’s Most Admired CEOs award recognizes the achievements of local leaders that drive their industry forward.

For over ten years, Tony has worked to help members design with confidence, revolutionizing the landscape of learning for all levels. Tony believes that “the most successful CEOs are those that serve their team as a coach instead of a boss. Employees thrive in an environment in which they are provided opportunities to continue to learn.”

What makes a good CEO? Here are a few of the characteristics a top-performing CEO embodies:

1. Effectiveness- An excellent CEO knows his or her strengths and weaknesses, and leverages this to lead the company. He or she is a forward thinker who plans ahead and is prepared for the future. An effective CEO is also responsive and caters to team needs.

2. Transparency- Communication is clear within the organization. A strong CEO aligns all of their teams to the same business objectives. Transparency is key to any effective organization.

3. Inspiration- The CEO puts the employees first. He or she ignites the fire for innovation by allowing employees to be creative and take risks. The CEO motivates employees to find new ways to increase efficiency in their everyday work.

Tony’s unparalleled leadership is the reason why SolidProfessor is as successful as it is today. Tony received his award at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center on February 18, 2016.

John Farmer
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SolidProfessor Digital Marketing Manager and keeper of Rahn, the office dog.