SolidProfessor May Newsletter: Sharing Exciting Changes at SolidProfessor

Happy May, team administrators! We’ve had exciting changes take place over the last few months: a new Content Ambassador, a new Success Team, new and updated courses, and new features like the ability to limit the number of times your designers can take review tests. Read below for more information!

Meet the Success Team!

To continue helping you and your designers succeed, we’ve added a new member, Joe McAferty, to our Success Team. Joe joins the team after several years on the commercial and educational sales teams. He will be your primary point of contact, and, with his years of experience working with design teams, will be a great resource for you and your designers. You’ll also be hearing from me! After spending this year collaborating with educators who use SolidProfessor in their classes, I’m excited to begin working with you too. I’ll be a bit more behind the scenes, spearheading initiatives to improve your experience. Next up, we’ll be improving how you assign lessons and track your team’s progress. If there are features you’d like to see added or changed, please reach out!

New and Updated Courses

Our Content Team adds new courses and a new member to rapidly expand our Library
It’s been a busy spring! In addition to adding a number of new and updated courses, we have also added a new member to our Content Development Team. Bassanio Peters is spearheading our plans to rapidly expand the software and engineering topics for which we have content in our Library. To share software and topics you’d like to see, please take this survey (just a few minutes!). This spring, we’ve added and updated the following courses. Click on the links to take a look!

SOLIDWORKS 101-Academic: this curriculum is a combination of lessons from our SOLIDWORKS for Beginners, SimulationXpress, and CSWA Prep courses. The 13 segments provide a suggested outline to learn the essential tools, functions, and skills required to pass the CSWA exam. CSWA Prep: this course familiarizes you with the structure and style of the CSWA and walks you through sample exercises covering every aspect of the test. SOLIDWORKS MBD Workshop: an introduction to the philosophy behind using Model-Based Definition in SOLIDWORKS. Photoview 360: learn how to create photorealistic renderings of your parts and assemblies. SOLIDWORKS Routing: this course teaches you how to create electrical, piping, cable, and other routed systems in your assemblies. Complex systems can be quickly created using components from the Routing Library, and there are many tools to help automate the process. SOLIDWORKS Simulation: get familiar with the fundamentals of using the Simulation design validation software to analyze your parts and assemblies before manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation: in this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of using Flow Simulation to analyze fluid flow and heat transfer effects within your parts and assemblies before manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM: learn how to effectively manage your design data and revisions using SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM. Surfacing: this course teaches you how to create simple and complex surfaces. Solving Surfacing Errors: this workshop covers advanced techniques you can use when surface features won’t complete or thicken. Toolbox and Design Library: this course is designed to introduce the SOLIDWORKS Design Library and Toolbox, along with some of their benefits and capabilities. Intermediate Revit: explore more intermediate and advanced methods of documenting a building project in Revit Architecture. Introduction to Civil 3D: learn how to apply Civil 3D for basic 3D design projects. Intermediate Civil 3D: this course emphasizes intermediate civil engineering tools within Civil 3D. Fusion 360 Introduction to CAM: get an introduction to creating tool paths and NC code for CAM in Fusion 360. It covers setting up parts for machine, defining stock, operations, and machining strategy, simulating toolpaths, and post processing the final output.

Limit the Number of Review Tests Available

Check out this new setting in the Settings in your Groups!
In response to your feedback, we’ve added the option to set a limit for how many times your designers can take the Review Tests at the end of each of your assignments.  To set a limit, go to the Groups tab, click on a group name, and select the setting.  You’ll be prompted to enter the number of retakes you’d like available for your team: Selecting this option allows you to choose how many times each person may take each assignment’s review test.  For example, if you limit your team to two review test attempts, here’s what it will look like to your designers:

New Format for Hands-on Exercises

Hands-on exercises are coupled with videos to provide guided practice in 2016 courses
Beginning in our 2016 courses, hands-on exercises and walk-through videos are easier to add to your assignments – they are now coupled in one lesson in the assignment video: With their detailed, explicit instructions and included coaching video that helps designers correct their own work, these hands-on exercises are excellent “guided practice” to help designers use the techniques they learned about in the lecture lessons.

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