29 Middle School Students Earn Their SolidWorks Certification!


SolidProfessor would like to congratulate the Sleepy Hill Middle School’s 8th grade Engineering class in Florida’s Polk County for having 29 of their students pass the CSWA (Certified SolidWorks Associate) exam! The CSWA is a SolidWorks Certification that acknowledges a proficiency in the software. SolidWorks is the industry-leader for CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Having the CSWA designation distinguishes the user as having a deep understanding of SolidWorks and is coveted as a significant focal point on one’s resume. Sleepy Hill Middle School partnered with SolidProfessor to provide their students with our industry-leading video curricula in order to prepare for the certification exams. As one Polk County School Distrcit staff member remarked, “This [the students’ results] is because of having SolidProfessor.”

SolidProfessor has been instrumental in helping Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities prepare their students for the real-world working environment by helping them master the software used in the Engineering and Design industries as well as other rapidly growing markets such as 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping. Whether the students are learning SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, or even SketchUp, SolidProfessor’s video-based curriculum is highly intuitive and constantly updated to keep up with an ever-evolving industry. SolidProfessor is the ideal tool for institutions looking to give their students experience in the software used by engineering and design firms around the world.

As proven by the Sleepy Hill Middle School, it’s never too early for students to start learning SolidWorks and other CAD software! As a pioneer in blended and flipped learning methodologies, SolidProfessor believes in giving students the tools they’ll need for a real-world work environment, preparing them for their future outside of the classroom. As more and more learning institutions adopt this teaching philosophy, and promote STEM Education, SolidProfessor is being implemented in schools around the world.

It’s stories like Sleepy Hill Middle School’s that inspire us here at SolidProfessor the most! To see a younger generation of students achieve this level of success is truly amazing and inspiring. SolidProfessor would again like to congratulate Sleepy Hill’s 8th Grade Engineering Class for their amazing achievement and thank them for letting SolidProfessor be a part of their success story!

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