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March 19, 2012 – San Diego, CA – SolidProfessor, a SolidWorks Solution Partner focused on delivering the very best self-paced multimedia training resources for SolidWorks and SolidWorks related software, announces the release of its 2012 SolidWorks Enterprise PDM course.

The Enterprise PDM course was designed for both SolidWorks users, as well as non-SolidWorks users who need to interact with files in a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault. Topics include EPDM Viewer, Contributor, and CAD Editor Functionality.

Jason Wright, Product Manager for SolidProfessor comments “With so many of our customers leveraging SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to manage their data, we are responding to requests from our customers to offer additional resources that help them with their EPDM implementations, as well as training resources for new hires to get up to speed quickly with Enterprise PDM. We are excited to satisfy these requests by making this course available.”

SolidProfessor’s SolidWorks Enterprise PDM course was designed to provide users with the knowledge and skills for accessing and managing files in an Enterprise PDM Vault. The course begins with an overview of the fundamentals of PDM, components of the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM interface, and explains how to access files in the Vault. The course goes on to cover topics such as search functionality, document creation, check-in and check-out, versioning, revisions and workflow, notifications, project creation, bill of materials, managing local cache, and the deleting, recovering and destroying of files.

About SolidProfessor

SolidProfessor is a SolidWorks Solution Partner 100% focused on creating the very best on-demand skills development resources for SolidWorks CAD software. The mission of SolidProfessor is to provide the highest quality self-paced resources for all levels of SolidWorks users worldwide. SolidProfessor products may be ordered direct, or from most SolidWorks Value Added Resellers.

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