SolidProfessor Named 3rd Healthiest Company in San Diego!


We are honored to accept the title of 3rd Healthiest Company in San Diego in the small business category! This annual award granted by the San Diego Business Journal takes into account each company’s leadership support and involvement, investment in a wellness program, strategy for measuring the ROI, and desire to create a company culture of wellbeing. SolidProfessor takes pride in excelling in these four characteristics, happily placing in SDBJ’s Top 5 two years in a row.

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Photo by Bob Thompson ©2016 Fotowerks

At SolidProfessor, we believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. To maximize our team’s potential, we promote healthiness on the job with our ergonomic workstations, allowing us to both sit and stand at our desks. This practice keeps us sharp and focused by ridding our minds of any fatigue or pain-related distractions.

To further optimize our potential, we also encourage healthy off-site practices, such as team yoga sessions and soccer games. Not only do these activities strengthen our bodies and minds, but they all strengthen the relationships across our team, empowering each member to produce the best work possible.

We at SolidProfessor strongly believe in the symbiotic relationship between the body and mind. By continuing to prioritize health in our everyday lives, we strive to foster a positive, productive work environment. We are pleased and excited to see that SDBJ recognizes and agrees with our healthy initiatives!

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Photo by Bob Thompson ©2016 Fotowerks

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