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SolidProfessor can now be used directly within schools’ learning management systems

Instructors and their students live in their learning management system (LMS), and now, SolidProfessor does, too. We recently rolled out our LMS integration, allowing instructors and students to access their SolidProfessor courses and grades right from their LMS. This integration makes it even easier for instructors to manage their online engineering curriculum with SolidProfessor, putting more time back in their schedules.

After completing the integration, we went through the IMS Global Conformance Certification process to ensure our platform is compliant with all learning management systems and meets the credentialing body’s rigorous set of criteria. Our platform is now fully certified and ready for use by any school who purchases a SolidProfessor site license.

IMS Global Certified

When developing this integration, we worked with teachers, schools, and school districts to get their feedback on what would be valuable to them. Here are some of the new features they were most excited about.

Automating the entire grading process

Teachers have endless papers to grade, exams to review, and scores to enter into their gradebook. With the new integration, they won’t need to worry about any of those steps for their SolidProfessor courses. Students can now access their SolidProfessor assessments within their LMS. Not only are their assessments graded automatically, but students can also review which questions they answered incorrectly. The scores are automatically added to teachers’ online gradebooks in their LMS.

solidprofessor lms integration

Viewing how students are progressing in a course

Within the teachers’ LMS, they can quickly see how well each student is progressing in a course. In this dashboard, teachers get a quick snapshot of who is on target and who might need a little extra support. This provides instructors with visibility into their students’ path to learning and allows the instructor to tweak the curriculum based on the students’ progress in real-time. For example, if 75% of the class struggled with 2D sketching, the instructor will know to go back and cover that material again.

Keeping all important information in one place

The goal of technology in the classroom is to enhance a student’s path to learning, not hinder it. With our new integration, students can quickly and easily access their SolidProfessor courses within a platform they already know how to use. There’s no need for them to switch back and forth between different platforms. This not only simplifies the process for students, but for instructors as well, who now have a single source of truth for all of their students’ online engineering education.

Integrating with almost all learning management systems

Whether a school uses Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Schoology, or another LMS, SolidProfessor can integrate with their system. We also have a team of support specialists who help onboard schools and provide advice on ways to best utilize this platform for their online engineering courses. The integration can be applied within one classroom, for a school, or across an entire school district.

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