Digital Learning Day 2016

Digital Learning Day

Prior to mobile devices, computers, and the Internet, learning was done through verbal sharing of information and written accounts that were printed and distributed person to person. The digital revolution has provided us with unparalleled access to information; it has empowered us with the ability to learn away from the traditional classroom setting. Digital learning has given us the opportunity to learn endless knowledge, anytime and anywhere we want.

Studies show that learning has increased drastically with digital devices, educational software, and mobile applications. Spreading these innovative practices and providing youth with high-quality digital learning opportunities are the main goals of Digital Learning Day, coming up on February 17th, 2016.

Today, technology is integrated in almost every classroom setting. A teacher may show a clip in class and that alone can be considered as digital learning. Teachers are increasingly using applications and learning management systems to post resources and start discussions. As we enter this new stage of learning, it is important for students to understand what it means to be a digital citizen.

Digital citizenship can be defined as the standards of appropriate behavior in regards to technology use. Good digital students share their insights, treat others with respect, and take responsibility for their decisions.

This Digital Learning Day, we encourage educators review online etiquette with their students. It may seem insignificant, but can make a huge impact on a student’s learning experience. What do you have planned for Digital Learning Day?

Tony Glockler
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