Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute


Recently President Obama announced the establishment of The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, an organization dedicated to accelerating the development and adoption of smart sensors, data analytics, and digital process controls that can radically improve the efficiency of US advanced manufacturing.

The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute is the ninth manufacturing hub named by the Obama Administration, in addition to 5 newly-launched manufacturing hub competitions. These projects will use investments of nearly $800 million to spur developments in topics ranging from collaborative robots to the biofabrications of cells and tissues.


To ensure that all American businesses have access to the institute’s progress, the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute will use an open-source digital platform and technology marketplace. We at SolidProfessor believe that businesses should use ongoing learning to better supplement this uninterrupted access. Without continual review of the knowledge behind these developments, humans will forget how to utilize these technologies;  after all, we’re only human! In order to keep on top of the rapidly developing tools and technologies used in manufacturing and engineering, we must engage in ongoing learning. One such example of ongoing learning are concept-based videos that can be revisited and repeated. We take this example further by constantly updating our content as new innovations are released, reinforcing the high level of learning.

Since 2010, the US manufacturing sector has become a leader in the industry, with more than 800,000 jobs added. To maintain this leading position, we must not only develop innovative technologies, but also become well-versed in these technologies through ongoing learning.

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