SolidProfessor March Newsletter: Share Your Ideas for Upcoming Changes and Celebrate Student Success!


In addition to announcing new course and interface features released this month, I’m excited to share with you our roadmap for upcoming changes! Read more below about what we’ll be working on over the next year and send us your ideas. Additionally, as your students start taking the Autodesk Certified User or CSWA exams, we’re happy to provide exam vouchers and help you celebrate your students’ success – we’d love to hear how they’re doing!

— Megan Davidson Director of Customer Success

Celebrate Students’ Success!

Have your students started earning their Certified User and CSWA certifications? Tell us about it! We’d love to help you celebrate their success with some SP gear and feature their story on our website – share your success!

Roadmap for Interface Changes

Thank you for sharing your feedback so far this school year! Your comments and suggestions helped us implement several changes this month and helped us develop our roadmap of upcoming changes we’ll be working on over the next year:

Streamline Assigning Lessons to Students: we will make this progress simpler and more intuitive by

— making it more visible which lessons are contained in each assignment — allowing you to select the order in which lessons appear in your assignments — improving integration of SolidProfessor into your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, etc.)

Registering Students: we’ll continue to make improvements to our Student Store to make enrollment easier, as we did this spring in adding a setting to hide a class section during student registration

Tracking Student Progress: we’ll update our progress tracking tools to help you easily find the data you’re looking for! Look for these changes to help you

— choose how to summarize test results data — filter/delete student test scores — control the number of times students can take tests

Don’t see what you’re looking for on our roadmap? Share your thoughts on how to improve your SolidProfessor experience!

New Courses and Instructor Materials Coming Soon!

We’re also excited to announce that our content team has used your requests for more exercises and more assessment tools to create a Teacher Toolkit, which will include sample designs to use as practice problems, homework, and assessments; answer keys; and completed models specifically for instructors.

Also in the works are:

— 2016 AutoCAD Essentials course — 2016 Simulation course for SOLIDWORKS –Two new workshops related to Model Based Definition and Surfacing in SOLIDWORKS

As we expand our content library in the coming months, continue to let us know what courses or other software titles you’d like to see from us!

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out our new 3D Printing courses or Fusion 360 Assemblies courses and let us know if you’d like them added to any of your classes!

Thanks for reading!

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Megan Davidson Director of Customer Success (619) 376-1451

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