Reinforcing the Change Management Process with Online Learning


Organizational change can sometimes feel like a row of dominoes on the verge of falling.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. The discipline of change management helps organizations handle all kinds of transition so team members feel equipped to adjust to changes such as new software, business strategy pivots, growing or downsizing, and much more. Change management can be a powerful tool to get new initiatives off to an impressive start; in fact, initiatives with excellent change management strategies are 6x more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management.

During tumultuous times, or even well-orchestrated periods of change, training and continuous learning are often the first things to fall by the wayside. However, online learning can be a highly useful change management tool and can actually reinforce the process. Here are a number of ways online learning can bolster your change management, not hinder it:

Worry- and hassle-free onboarding
Whether hiring new team members is part of your change initiatives or the timing happens to coincide, using an online learning platform for onboarding training can ensure that all new employees receive the same information and opportunity to get up to speed, even if there’s little time for individualized attention. Starting off with a standardized set of sessions or courses eliminates inconsistency and makes sure everyone starts on the same page.

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Faster skill proficiency and confidence
When organizational change involves transitioning to new software, role responsibilities, etc., you might face hesitation from team members if they don’t have prior experience to rely on. This can lead to delays in productivity and even concern for job security. This is an area where online learning can offer more stability. An online training platform can support team members to learn and practice new skills on the fly — even ones that are highly technical or specialized.

Online learning enables faster skill development but it also lets individuals learn at their own pace. This can be comforting if there are certain areas where your team members need to take it slower or go back and review difficult concepts. This gives employees the time and peace of mind they need to feel comfortable with the new changes.

Progress tracking
Most digital learning platforms are equipped with an admin dashboard and progress tracking. These features will allow you to see how far along everyone is in completing their training. Plus, if you choose the right platform, you’ll be able to see scores from practice exercises or quizzes. At a glance, you can see if your employees are struggling with the changes or mastering them, which can give you valuable insights to use in your training decisions.

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Knowledge capture for internal processes
Knowledge capture is an important part of knowledge management: a process that seeks to preserve and distribute organizational tacit knowledge (also referred to as “tribal wisdom”). Knowledge capture should be part of your team’s regular practices because it can help ease any uncertainty during periods of change.

Knowledge capture can keep tribal wisdom safe and sound (and usable) for current and future employees when senior employees retire, so they aren’t left reinventing the wheel. The right online learning platform can help you capture your knowledge and format it in a way that’s easy to use and learn from. In simpler cases, knowledge capture can help you turn change initiatives like new business strategies into custom, defined training material for all employees to use.

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With the right preparation and mindset, online learning platforms can be a great way to support your organizational change by easing any hesitation and helping your employees start off strong. Plus, you can keep reaping the rewards of continuous learning even after your changes are running smoothly! If you’re ready to get started and need a little guidance, check out our 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Learning Platform.

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