New Practice Exercises Available!


Introducing New Practice Exercises

We’re excited to announce we have dozens of new practice exercises for you and your designers or students to independently practice the skills you learned from our videos. You’ll find practice exercises at the end of each section in the following courses:

Not just new, improved

These new practice exercises differ from our existing guided exercises and videos (previously called “hands-on exercises and walk-throughs”) in a few ways:

  •  Allow designers and students to practice skills independently
  • Designers and students must apply the concepts they have learned; reference lessons are provided
  • Admins and instructors have access to assessment questions, answer keys, and completed models to evaluate practice exercises completed by their team and students, respectively.
  • Provide guided instruction that walks designers and students through an exercise, similar to example problems in a textbook
  • Designers and students are told how to check their work and watch a video that shows how to complete the exercise successfully

Exercise Assessments

You can use the assessment questions, answer keys, and completed models, available in the supplemental material on the Dashboard, to evaluate your team and students. If you have questions about using the practice with your team or students reach out to the Success Team today!

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