Library Update: Autodesk Inventor 2020 Tutorials Now Available


You asked and we listened — discover a brand new library of Inventor 2020 tutorials on the SolidProfessor platform.

If you couldn’t tell by our company name, SolidProfessor got its start making video tutorials for SOLIDWORKS. Nearly two decades later, our course library has grown and we now cover over 30 different CAD, CAM, and BIM software and other engineering design topics.

But now it’s time to step it up again.

Autodesk Inventor is used by millions of engineers, designers, and other professionals, especially those who work with complex designs on large teams. Previously, our library contained a number of Inventor tutorials, but the feedback from our members was that they wanted even more!

So that’s why we’re launching a full set of new online courses for Inventor 2020 this month! We’ve taken our Inventor library from a few key lessons to a comprehensive set of 450+ Inventor tutorials for beginner to advanced users. This brand new Inventor training is available on the platform now.

What’s included in this Inventor 2020 tutorials release?

This launch is a total overhaul of our course offerings for Autodesk Inventor with a primary focus on the 2020 software version. Here’s a breakdown of what that entails:

  • 12 new full-length Inventor 2020 courses
  • 450+ new video-based Inventor tutorials
  • 20+ total hours of Inventor training content
  • 5 new Inventor Technical Certificates to earn
  • Bonus: Practice tests for the Inventor User Certification exam


New: Introduction to Inventor 2020

Which topics are covered in the new Inventor tutorials?

Our in-house CAD experts covered a vast array of topics in these new Inventor tutorials. This new set of courses is designed to help engineering design teams improve proficiency for beginners and advanced designers alike. Take a look at the full list of new Inventor 2020 courses:

  • Introduction to Inventor: Explore how to navigate the Inventor interface and create sketches, parametric relationships, and 3D models.
  • Essentials for Parts and Assemblies: Understand the Inventor features needed to create parts and assemblies.
  • Drawings: Learn how to easily translate your Inventor 3D models into 2D drawings.
  • User Certification Exam Prep: Discover what to expect from the Inventor User Certification exam and how best to prepare (includes practice exams!).
  • Advanced Parts: Master advanced Inventor part design and explore 3D sketching, advanced fillets, sweeps, lofts, and more.
  • Advanced Assemblies: Build on your foundational knowledge and learn more about Inventor assembly structure and features, component patterns, and more.
  • Sheet Metal: Explore the Inventor sheet metal environment and see how to fold and unfold parts and create new features and 2D drawings.
  • Routed Systems (Tube and Pipe Design): Get familiar with the essential Inventor tools and workflows needed to route rigid and flexible components throughout your design.
  • Finite Element Analysis with NASTRAN: Develop a deep understanding of FEA concepts and how they are applied to a design in Inventor.
  • Frame Generator: Step into creating detailed Inventor frame designs, combining various member types, lengths, orientations, and connections.
  • Surfacing: Create highly customized geometry using custom Inventor surfacing tools.
  • (BONUS) Vault Essentials: The perfect PDM complement to your Inventor training.

If you’re currently using an older version of Inventor, SolidProfessor also offers updated courses on Inventor 2011-2019.

How can I access the new Inventor tutorials?

If you have a SolidProfessor membership, the new Inventor tutorials are already available to you on the platform!

If you’re not currently a member, there are a few ways you can join:

  • Sign up for a monthly or annual individual membership. If you’re looking to improve your own Inventor skills on the job or for personal development, it’s easy to become a member.
  • Get a demo of SolidProfessor for Business. If you’re interested in a robust training platform for your design team, schedule a free demo to get a customized walkthrough of our online Inventor tutorials for your business.

And as with all of the courses on our platform, you can preview the first five Inventor tutorials in any course for free! Get started here.

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