Meet the Masterminds Behind This Year’s Spookiest Halloween Accessories


With nearly 150 entries, the SolidProfessor 2019 Halloween Design Challenge was one for the record books.

For this year’s Halloween Design Challenge, we asked for creative and “spooktacular” 3D-printable Halloween accessories. And the entries we received blew our minds! From ancient cat masks to terrifying claws, arachniphobia-inducing headwear, and much more, this year’s Halloween Design Challenge elicited some of the most chillingly creative models we’ve ever seen.

The entries we received came from middle school and high school classrooms, college students, professional designers, and hobbyists alike, making it the most diverse pool of submissions we’ve ever received! The techniques and skills exhibited were too impressive to keep to ourselves. So, with no further ado, meet our Halloween Design Challenge winners.

The Winner: Maggie Tanski, student at Georgia Tech

Maggie is the winner of the 2019 Halloween Design Challenge and the grand prize: a Wacom Cintiq Pro, Flex Arm, and 3D Pen, sponsored by Wacom! Maggie’s cat mask is visually appealing, from the smooth lines to the perfectly crafted snout. The ancient Egyptians who inspired the mask’s creation would be proud. Here’s her description of this impressive assembly:

My mask was inspired by the cats in Ancient Egyptian iconography. My file was designed in three parts because it made it easier for me to print! I have included the CAD files, renders of the mask, and the physical print as proof that it is printable. The printed mask lacks some of the detail of the final file due to the sandblasting process to remove the print lines.

Maggie Tanski Design Challenge Submission

Tied for Second Place: Stefania Dinea, Dinea Designs

Tied for second place, Stefania’s Harry Potter-inspired glasses came in multiple parts that could be worn separately or together. We loved the creative wearable piece and her commitment to the theme. Here’s what Stefania had to say about her award-winning design:

Here is my submission for this year’s Halloween challenge. I used your made-up names as inspiration and also pop culture references such as Harry Potter. The reason behind this is so you can continue your theme party with a twist and even divide the staff and guests into groups based on their printed accessories and maybe have a challenge around that.

For coming in second place, Stefania’s design will be professionally 3D printed by our partners at Forecast 3D!

Stefania Dinea Halloween Design Challenge Submission

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Tied for Second Place: Hilde Mommen

Hilde’s spider headpiece had us all squirming in our seats. Creating the appearance that spiders are crawling across the wearer’s face, this creative model is sure to spook out even the most difficult-to-scare party goers. Hilde explains the inspiration behind her entry:

When the idea popped into my mind, I was immediately grossed out. I’m not really scared of spiders, but I don’t particularly carry a lot of love for them either (the research was challenging though). It’s a classic nightmare/horror story when you are young to have spiders crawl in or out of your mouth and ears, which makes it perfect for Halloween; faBOOlous all the way! Baby tarantula spiders are crawling out of your mouth, rapidly trying to take over your entire face and, who knows, maybe even your brain!

For coming in second place, Hilde’s design will also be 3D printed by our partners at Forecast 3D.

Hilde Mommen Halloween Design Challenge Submission

Honorable Mention: Thomas Schmelzle, student at Georgia Tech

We had to include Thomas’ detailed headpiece, which he meticulously prototyped, laser cut, and constructed for the ultimate effect. The 3D printed PLA (Polylactic Acid) was given a sandstone-like facade through the creative use of putty, paint, and sandpaper. Congratulations, Thomas, on a truly incredible creation!

Thomas Schmelzle Halloween Design Challenge Submission

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Do you have ideas for our next design challenge?

We love getting feedback about our design challenges! If you have any thoughts about how this one went, or if you have ideas for future design challenges, we’d love to hear it. Please feel free to send us an email at to share your thoughts.

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