Reflecting on SOLIDWORKS World and Pacific Design & Manufacturing


Earlier this month, the SolidProfessor team made the trek up to the Los Angeles area for both SOLIDWORKS World and Pacific Design & Manufacturing. While different in content and focus, both events called on attendees to look to the exciting future of engineering and design.

SOLIDWORKS World featured the future-focused theme “The New. The Next. The Never Before.” From magical theatrical illusions to creating farming ecosystems in freight containers to the exploration of Mars, the sessions at SOLIDWORKS World showcased some of the amazing ways engineers are shaping the future. Presentations from Jason Silva and Gian Paolo Bassi put all of the innovation into perspective. While Jason showed the audience how people now have a greater opportunity to shape the future through technology and innovation, Gian reminded us that it’s the stories we hear from each other and from our communities that really inspire us and keep propelling us forward.

Meanwhile, while walking the floor of Pacific Design & Manufacturing in Anaheim, we had the opportunity to see how other companies are helping to spur innovation forward via manufacturing. One thing became very clear with every person we spoke with: manufacturing is transforming more rapidly than ever before due to increased access to information via connectivity and collaborative tools as well as advanced developments in technology.

When looking at SOLIDWORKS World and Pacific Design & Manufacturing together, we see that every small improvement and enhancement within the engineering lifecycle brings us so much closer to fully realizing the dreams of our communities.

Now that we’re back in the office, we want to continue this celebration of progress and optimism for the future with a new blog series highlighting stories of innovation within our SolidProfessor community and discussing how you can stay on top of the rapid evolution within engineering and design.

To kick things off, we want to give a special shout out to SubZero, Inc, who came in third at SOLIDWORKS World’s Model Mania 2017. Model Mania is an annual design challenge where engineers begin by creating a design in SOLIDWORKS based off a 2D drawing of a part. Participants are then given a modified drawing and asked to modify their original design accordingly. Submissions are judged for accuracy and speed in completing the challenge. Model Mania is a highly-competitive event and considered quite the honor to place in any of the top spots. So a huge congratulations to SubZero for this achievement!

SubZero, Inc. has been a leading innovator in refrigeration for over 70 years. During this time, they’ve made advancements such as pioneering the dual refrigeration system and developing an air filtration system (inspired NASA technology) that reduces food spoilage and odors.

Not only are their innovations helping food last longer and reduce waste, but they also manufacture the most energy efficient luxury appliances. More than 30 of their appliances have earned the outstanding energy efficiency rating from Energy Star and the average SubZero product uses less electricity than a 100-watt bulb.

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