Get the Most Out of Your Software Investment with Online CAD Training

CAD software is no small investment. Make sure you’re getting the full use of it by investing in online CAD training, too.

When it comes to the engineering design process, engineering teams are consistently trying to figure out how they can optimize for quality, time, and cost. The way your team uses CAD software should be subjected to this same level of scrutiny. And this applies to organizations that have been using the same CAD software for decades and those who are purchasing CAD tools for the first time.

Here’s why: the best CAD software is extremely complex. SOLIDWORKS, for example, has innumerable features that even top design experts might forget. Says Wayne Schafer, CAD admin at Kawasaki Motors: “SOLIDWORKS has a tremendous command and function base; it’s very versatile. In fact, you can do so many things with SOLIDWORKS that it’s not really possible to retain everything by memory.” It’s likely you’re missing out on readily available techniques that could improve your team’s design efficiency. You’re also likely harming productivity if your engineers have to spend time reinventing the wheel or relying on clunky, outdated methods to solve design problems. Enter: online CAD training.

Here’s how online CAD training can go hand-in-hand with your CAD software and ensure you’re making every seat count:

Online CAD training works for all skill levels

Most engineering teams are diverse in skill sets and experience. Online CAD training will have you covered if you need to bring new hires up to speed, refresh knowledge of GD&T, or fast track skills in Sheet Metal for a project. CAD training can also increase the speed of adoption if you’re investing in software for the first time. The ability to customize training programs for so many needs and techniques makes online CAD training a valuable tool to accelerate your software usage.

Online learning improves retention and productivity

As we mentioned already, CAD software has so many functions that it’s practically impossible to remember how to do everything, and especially how to do it all efficiently. With online CAD training, engineers can learn at their own pace, work alongside their courses, pick up where they left off, and revisit the material at any time. This kind of flexibility is essential to mitigate the effects of the forgetting curve and improve productivity by minimizing downtime. Keeping essential skills fresh establishes a baseline that your team can build on when they are ready to explore more advanced and specialized topics.

Online CAD software update training is cheaper and more effective than classroom training

If your business currently does any CAD training, it’s probably in the form of classroom sessions once a year, often for software update training. Online learning platforms can offer the same annual update training but on-demand. Plus, you’ll have access to plenty of other updated courses for the latest software release. Considering the travel costs, course fees, and productivity loss associated with in-person training sessions, online CAD training provides a much more budget- and productivity-friendly solution. In fact, you could save 75% on training for the whole team by switching to online learning.

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CAD training helps your team earn industry software certifications

Certifications are a great way for engineers to dive deeper and challenge their knowledge of CAD software. For example, encouraging your entry-level engineers to train for the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) exam and your experienced team members to pursue the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) compels them to become confident in all areas of the software while gaining some well-earned recognition when they pass the test!

Point being, if your business can afford CAD software, then you can’t afford to miss out on CAD training. Empower your engineering team to unlock the full potential of the software functionality and their own capabilities. For a more close-up look, check out our Success Spotlight on Kawasaki Motors to see how they made CAD training an integral piece of their SOLIDWORKS experience.

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