Enhancements For Skills Assessment Tests


Our development team here at SolidProfessor has rolled out an exciting new way to take skills assessment tests for SolidWorks. Some of the improvements include an enhanced user interface that includes images to go along with many questions, as well as expanded topics for skills assessments.

Testing topics range from fundamental SolidWorks skills through advanced part and assembly modeling, mold tool and plastic design, surfacing, sheet metal, PDM, tolerance analysis, and simulation, as well as general skills assessment testing that covers a complete spectrum of topics.

Click the thumbnail below to see a screenshot of the new SolidProfessor testing environment.

Many SolidProfessor customers use the take skills assessment tests before even watching any of the training in their library, so that they can gage their strengths with SolidWorks, as well as identify areas where they would like to improve. Understanding areas that can be improved help customers focus on specific areas of functionality where they can watch courses from their library of SolidProfessor content. Skills tests are also a valuable way to ensure that users have retained information after going through a course.

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John Farmer
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SolidProfessor Digital Marketing Manager and keeper of Rahn, the office dog.