Ed Norberg – A SolidProfessor User’s Feedback on Certification Prep


SolidProfessor has been helping SolidWorks users achieve their coveted certifications for a decade. Below is just one of the many success stories we’ve heard from our customers.

“I passed the CSWA on 8/2/2013. 

Here are my thoughts on how SolidProfessor was a critical part of my successful exam preparation.

1) Step-by-step videos of model and assembly creations on parts that are similar in complexity to what is on the CSWA exam. My strategy was to create the parts concurrently with the videos, stopping and replaying as needed. I found it exponentially easier to follow videos from SolidProfessor than the examples in the printed exam guides.

2) Test taking strategy:

The use of equations for dimension was priceless. I did not see this anywhere else during my exam preparation. Without this strategy, I doubt if I would have passed. I used 179 of the 180 minutes allowed to complete the exam. Numerous follow up questions were answered by just updating the equation value. Humongous timesavers that eliminated the potential of modifying the incorrect dimension. 

The recommendation to use orthographic practice examples from the Technical Drawing text book. Again, nowhere in all of the other prep materials that I used. The parts were challenging and forced a strong design intent approach in terms of origin, planes and feature creation. Absolutely essential for passing the CSWA exam!”

– Ed Norberg, Sensata

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