SolidProfessor August Newsletter: Driving Progress with SolidProfessor Assignments


One of the most common challenges for team administrators and teachers is finding the time to drive the progress of each member of your team or class. You need to not only know what each member of your team or class already knows, but you also have to use that information to set meaningful goals and track progress.  We’re here to help – SolidProfessor assignments and Baseline Tests can help you both to construct that accurate picture of what each of your designers or students understand and then help you propel their progress.

–Megan Davidson Director of Customer Success

Identify Important Information for Your Team or Students

The first step in helping your team and students improve is identifying what content is most important for them to master. You have your own vision and goals; your designers’ and students’ needs are unique. Here’s where SolidProfessor comes in – you can create customized assignments to identify which courses and concepts in our Library are most important for your team or class. Keep your assignments short and show your team or students which concepts are most important for them to master:

By creating a meaningful set of assignments aligned to achieving your vision and goals, you’re giving your team or students the guidance necessary to help them succeed, helping them gauge their understanding of these topics, and allowing them to easily track their own progress.

Evaluate Prior Understanding of Concepts

After you create your assignments, you can accurately assess designers’ or students’ prior knowledge with Baseline Tests – you don’t want to waste time covering skills that they’ve already mastered. When you add Baseline Tests to your assignments, your designers or students are presented with questions pertaining just to the assigned content at the start of each assignment, allowing you to see which concepts each individual already understands:

Track Progress and Set New Goals

As your designers or students continue to complete their assignments, you can track their progress on lessons and see the improvement in their understanding of concepts as they complete Review Tests for each assignment:

Use this information to set new goals, craft new assignments, and continue to drive your team and students forward.

…All While Empowering Learners

In addition to helping you guide your team and track their progress, assignments and Baseline Tests also empower your team or students to pursue their own learning. After completing a Baseline Test, your designers or students will see their score, and they’ll also see which lessons are recommended for them to pay particular attention to in order to improve their score on the assignment’s Review Test:

As they watch assigned lessons, they’ll be able to easily pick up where they left off…

…and track their own progress by comparing their Baseline and Review Tests scores:

By giving designers and students a stake in their own learning and information to track their own progress, assignments and Baseline Tests help hundreds of teams and instructors drive the progress of thousands of designers and students every day. For help crafting your own curriculum, contact the Success Team – we can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

Megan Davidson
About the Author

SolidProfessor Director of Customer Success, marathon/cat enthusiast