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San Diego, Calif. April 22, 2015 – Happy Earth Day from the SolidProfessor team! Celebrated annually on April 22, the goal of this day is to bring awareness and support for environmental protection. This year’s Earth Day theme, “It’s our turn to lead,” invites you to take action to show the world what you can do, so our world leaders can follow by example.

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Revolutionizing the manufacturing process, 3D printing paired with computer-aided design has the power to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some of the ways we can help save the environment through 3D printing:

Minimizes Waste

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, cuts back on waste and also reduces costs.

Reduces Transport of Products

3D printing gives us the power to make production local, reducing fuel emissions needed for the transportation and assembly of products.

Increases the Lifetime of Your Products

With 3D printing, you can replace individual parts, increasing the lifetime of your products.

No More Unsold Stock

With 3D printing, stores can keep the exact amount of stock they need on hand, saving costs and the preventing the buildup of unsold products.

3D printing is a new and promising technology. It allows us to minimize waste, reduce the transport of products, increase the lifetime of products, and prevent unsold stock. It is your turn to lead. What are you going to do this year to reduce your carbon footprint?

Tony Glockler
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