Brand New 2015 Sheet Metal Course Released for AutoDesk Inventor


SolidProfessor is pleased to announce the release of our brand new 2015 Sheet Metal course for AutoDesk Inventor! This new course is included in SolidProfessor’s Autodesk Inventor training bundle and features 14 lessons and 65 minutes of comprehensive sheet metal concepts and tutorials.

This course also includes quizzes to test your progress. These “Skills Assessment Tests” as they’re called, help to uncover knowledge gaps and guide you to the appropriate training curriculum. Much more then a “Pass or Fail” test, our Skills Assessment Tests provide insight into areas where you may need to spend some additional time.

Downloadable, lesson-level part files are also included in the 2015 Sheet Metal course. SolidProfessor understands the importance of hands-on experience and “Learning by Doing”. That’s why this course provides self-guided design challenges with downloadable part-files, so you can load the part file into AutoCad and experience using the software first hand.

This course will teach you how to create and document sheet metal parts in 2015 Autodesk Inventor. You’ll learn many essential concepts from basic sheet metal feature creation to exporting flat patterns for use in fabrication.


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