Are you using project-based learning for your CAD classes?


Previously, we talked about the rapidly growing contingent of teachers who are using a Flipped Classroom to increase retention with their students.  The advent of quality video curriculum (SolidProfessor) is an important part of succeeding with a flipped classroom model.  Hands-on exercises and project-based learning is another important component, which we will discuss today.

At SolidProfessor, we have adopted the popular 70/20/10 methodology for instruction. This method of instruction is based on the idea that a blended instructional approach can deliver powerful results, more than a traditional one-way lecture format followed by homework.  The 70/20/10 model states that:

  • 70% of learning occurs from hands-on exercises, tasks, and problem solving.
  • 20% of learning occurs from feedback, review and iterations of the exercises or problems.
  • 10% of learning occurs from topics introduced through lecture, reading, or video courses.

Based on overwhelming feedback we have received from professors, students and leaders in education we have embraced this model in our new curriculum and designed it from the ground up using flipped learning and project-based concepts.  Within this new curriculum we provide instruction on SolidWorks fundamentals and prepare students for the CSWA Exam – all within a single course.

The SolidProfessor video tutorials provide the lecture material (10% of learning), which can be assigned as homework and monitored by the instructor to track completion.  Next, the students work through the hands-on exercises with the supervision and engagement of the instructor and their peers (70% of learning).   Finally, the video walkthrough lessons provide a review of the exercises with guidance and best practices for the specific designs.

Ultimately, this methodology provides a complete learning experience for the students and helps them grasp important design concepts so that more time can be spent on design intent and engineering concepts.

John Farmer
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