An In-Depth Look at the Content in SolidProfessor’s New Virtual Internship Program

SolidProfessor’s new Virtual Internship program is loaded with useful content for students looking for advanced, yet easy-to-follow training in SolidWorks. At its forefront, the Virtual Internship features SolidProfessor’s Premium Training Package, which contains a vast collection of instructional tutorials that cover every facet of SolidWorks – over 74 hours of content! SolidProfessor Premium is used by professionals and commercial enterprises that rely on it to solve their design challenges. As a member of the Virtual Internship program, students have access to the exact same training.  SolidProfessor Premium provides valuable hands-on case studies, where students can put the skills they learn to the test on real designs. That’s not all! SolidProfessor Premium contains a total 1,539 lessons, which are constantly updated and built upon as we develop more content.

Just some of the topics included in SolidProfessor Premium

  • All SolidWorks versions – From 2007-2013, with an updated library and training for each new version
  • New Lessons, constantly updated – such as the popular “Ask SolidProfessor”, helpful tips & tricks, and workshops with SolidWorks experts
  • Basic Modeling Concepts – like Intro to 3D, AutoCAD to SolidWorks, Parametric Modeling, Basic Sketching, Parts, Assemblies, Drawings, and Simulation
  • Advanced Modeling Concepts – such as Surfacing, Sheet Metal, Mold Design, Weldments, File Management, Top-Down Design, DriveWorksXpress, Advanced Sketching, Parts, and Assemblies
  • CSWA Prep Courses – to become a Certified SolidWorks Associate
  • SolidWorks Professional Add-Ins – like Workgroup PDM, PhotoView 360, Advanced Surfacing, and Toolbox & Design Library
  • CSWE & CSWP Prep Courses – for becoming a Certified SolidWorks Professional and a Certified SolidWorks Expert
  • SolidWorks Premium Add-Ins – such as Simulation, Routing, TolAnalyst, and DimXpert
  • SolidWorks Flow Simulation
SolidProfessor Premium is our most advanced and comprehensive training package, and it’s all yours once you sign up for SolidProfessor’s new Virtual Internship program. Get Started!

John Farmer
About the Author

SolidProfessor Digital Marketing Manager and keeper of Rahn, the office dog.