Back to School Guide: Free Teaching Resources for Your Engineering & Architecture Programs

Browse free CAD projects, keyboard shortcut cheat sheets, e-guides, and more!

Top 20 Engineering Interview Questions Your Students Need to Prepare For

Whether your students are preparing for internships or getting ready to land a job after graduation, these are the top 20 engineering interview questions they need to be prepared to answer.

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Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets

One of the easiest ways your students can design faster is by using keyboard shortcuts. With these shortcuts, they’ll be able to quickly launch commands — just like the pros.

Most Popular Engineering & Architecture Teacher Resources

Get inspired by these free teaching resources for engineering and architecture education programs.


Think Outside the Textbook

Learn how to replace outdated textbooks with tech-savvy options that’ll keep your students engaged.

Article & Infographic

How to Create a Flipped Classroom in a Few Easy Steps

Imagine a classroom where you don’t have to spend hours at a time lecturing. Instead, facilitate your students’ projects and allow them to engage with questions.


How to Use SolidProfessor in Multimodal Learning Strategies

It can be difficult for students to retain information by learning from exclusively traditional methods. But with multimodal teaching strategies, you can ensure that your students’ needs are met.


The Engineering Job Market is Changing: Are Your Students Prepared?

This guide leverages industry data, expert insights, and research to explain the current engineering job market and the skill sets employers are looking for.


Grant Writing Checklist

Learn how to write a grant application with this detailed checklist. Whether you’re applying for a Perkins grant or trying to secure state funding, this guide will keep you on track.

Design Challenges for Students

Download this packet of beginner to advanced design projects that challenge your students’ creativity and critical thinking skills. Prompts and rubrics included.

Create Human-centric Designs

Help your students practice human factors engineering principles with this free downloadable project! Prompt and rubric included.

The Product Lifecycle Poster

Teach your students about the 12-stage product lifecycle with key questions to prompt deep thinking about each step.

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