SOLIDWORKS Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

The most commonly used SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips

Start designing faster with SOLIDWORKS shortcuts

One of the easiest ways you can design faster is by using SOLIDWORKS shortcuts. With these shortcuts, you’ll be able to launch commands quickly instead of wasting your valuable time searching for them in the toolbar. Download our free SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts PDF to help you learn and memorize the most common commands.

Tip: Print the cheat sheet or save it to your desktop for easy access while you commit the SOLIDWORKS shortcuts to memory.

When you download this cheat sheet, you’ll access:

  • File shortcuts
  • Edit shortcuts
  • View shortcuts
  • Blank chart for custom shortcuts

Get savvy using popular SOLIDWORKS shortcuts as well as creating custom ones of your own.

Tip: Experienced engineers who use SOLIDWORKS shortcuts have an easier time passing the CSWA, CSWP, and CSWE timed exams.

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