The Must-Have Engineering Career Readiness Toolkit for Educators

Strategies & Insights for Preparing Students in an Evolving Engineering Landscape

There’s an estimated trillion-dollar skill shortage in engineering and manufacturing with more than a million jobs currently unfulfilled in the United States alone.

It’s a big problem, with many facets. Educators like you may wonder how you can influence positive outcomes, given the seriousness and enormity of the issues raised.

This free, downloadable career readiness toolkit has all the answers to getting students ready for careers in engineering and manufacturing. Our toolkit includes:

Driving factors of the engineering and manufacturing skills shortage. 

In-depth strategies educators can adopt today.

Top soft and hard skills engineering students need.

Expert insights on the hiring landscape.

Common interview questions students can use to prepare for jobs.

Comprehensive resources to prepare students for engineering and manufacturing roles.

“SolidProfessor’s quality is amazing. The lessons are clear, concise, and effective. For students to be able to pause when they need to or stop and actually try it on their own, that’s really valuable.”

– Karcher Morris, Teaching Assistant and Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCSD

Who is SolidProfessor?

Just like you, SolidProfessor is passionate about educating the next generation of engineers. Through our online engineering training courses, we help students and teachers familiarize themselves with the engineering design practices used in the industry today.

Workforce readiness

SolidProfessor turns engineering theory into reality, challenging students to dive into the software and start designing. With SolidProfessor, students can

  • Achieve industry certifications
  • Earn technical certificates
  • Start building their resume

Flexible curriculum

With SolidProfessor, students can learn about engineering design anytime, anywhere. This flexibility gives educators the option to

  • Incorporate videos into the classroom
  • Assign videos to watch at home
  • Use tutorials for extra training

Automated grading

Within the SolidProfessor dashboard, educators have the ability to see how their students are progressing with their SolidProfessor assignments. Educators can

  • See which students need extra help
  • Comply with state standards
  • Free up more classroom time


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