What Teachers Need to Know About the Certified Onshape Associate Exam


The newest associate-level Onshape certification exam is now available

PTC recently announced during a live webinar with SolidProfessor that the company would release an associate-level certification exam for Onshape in January 2021. An Onshape user who passes this new exam will be recognized as a Certified Onshape Associate.

Because of its cloud-based functionality, more schools’ engineering programs are switching to Onshape during distance learning. This influx of student users in the last year created a greater need for an introductory certification.

Many K-12 and postsecondary engineering programs have Career and Technical Education (CTE) state standards they need to adhere to. One of the most common standards educators have to meet is getting their CTE students certified. When students earn industry-recognized certifications, often called IRCs, that’s an indicator to the state that a CTE program is doing its job by successfully preparing students for careers.

So while more students can access CAD from any device during remote learning, there hasn’t been a viable path toward an Onshape certification — until now!

Online exam

Who can take the Certified Onshape Associate exam?

While the Certified Onshape Associate exam is geared toward students, it is appropriate for any beginner-level Onshape user.

How can my students earn this Onshape certification?

Students will need to take the Certified Onshape Associate exam to earn their certification. The Onshape certification exam can be taken online. To get a high passing rate, we recommend you prepare your students with plenty of practice problems and time spent designing in Onshape.

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How long will the Certified Onshape Associate exam take to complete?

Like many other CAD software certification exams, the Onshape certification exam is timed. Students will have three hours (180 minutes) to complete the Certified Onshape Associate exam.

How many questions will be on the Certified Onshape Associate exam?

There are two sections on the Onshape certification exam with a total of 45 questions. Students will have 180 minutes to complete all 45 questions.

What score will my students need to earn to pass the Certified Onshape Associate exam?

Students will need to earn a 75% to pass the Certified Onshape Associate exam. The exam is worth 100 points so students will need to get a minimum of 75 points to earn their certification.

Can my students retake the Certified Onshape exam?

Yes. There aren’t any limits to the number of times students can take the Certified Onshape Associate exam. However, the exam costs $50, so the cost to retake the exam multiple times can add up quickly.

Prep Students for the Exam: Onshape Beginner to Certification Prep Course

What topics will be covered on the Certified Onshape Associate exam?

Four topics will be covered on the Certified Onshape Associate exam: Onshape Part Studio, part assembly, detailed drawings, and sharing and collaboration. Here’s a breakdown of what each of the four sections will include:

Section 1: Onshape Part Studio

  • Sketching
  • Feature creation
  • Multi-part modeling
  • Making edits

Section 2: Part Assembly

  • Mating parts
  • Defining motion in an assembly
  • Standard content

Section 3: Detailed Drawings

  • General drawing knowledge
  • Onshape drawing workflows

Section 4: Sharing and Collaboration

  • Understanding of cloud-based collaboration and sharing tools for projects and assignments

Prepare your students to pass the Certified Onshape Associate exam on the first try with an online prep course

SolidProfessor is known among K-12 and postsecondary educators for our software certification prep courses for SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk products. Now, we’ve expanded our certification exam prep list to include Onshape!

To help meet your school’s standards and get your students ready to pass the Onshape Certified Associate exam, SolidProfessor has created an Onshape Beginner to Certification Prep Course. This course will be fully online and will include

  • Introduction to Onshape
  • Expert-guided video lessons
  • Tips and tricks from design engineers
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Practice exams
  • Free exam voucher for students who complete the course

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