Help Your Students Earn Free CSWA Exam Vouchers


We are thrilled to partner with SOLIDWORKS to provide free Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) exam vouchers to students again this semester.

If your school has a SOLIDWORKS subscription, you can request free certification exam vouchers as part of the Provider Program. You’ll need to get in touch with your SOLIDWORKS representative to learn more and request the vouchers.

Note: There is no longer a minimum seat number to qualify for free exam vouchers as part of your SOLIDWORKS subscription. All schools are eligible.

If your school does NOT have a SOLIDWORKS subscription, you can take part in SolidProfessor’s Certification Voucher Program to get SOLIDWORKS certification exam vouchers for free! During the lifetime of your SolidProfessor for Schools membership, you can request free exam vouchers for your students once. Continue reading to learn more.

A Head Start on the Working World

The CSWA is a widely-recognized industry certification that proves your expertise in using SOLIDWORKS. Having this certification is a testament to a student’s career readiness as they make the transition from the classroom into the working world.

To earn CSWA exam vouchers through SolidProfessor, instructors must assign and have students complete our Suggested Outline: Beginner to Certification course. This course is a combination of lessons from Introduction to SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Essentials for Part Design, SOLIDWORKS Essentials for Assembly Design, and the CSWA Prep course. The content in this course provides instructors and students with an outline to learn the essential tools, functions, and skills in SOLIDWORKS required to pass the CSWA exam.

Better Prepared to Pass

There’s more benefit to going through this program than just getting the free exam voucher. Students who take our Suggested Outline: Beginner to Certification course had an average pass rate of 80% – nearly 16% higher than the national average pass rate!

As students complete the course, they can choose to either take the CSWA exam in one 3-hour sitting or split into two 90-minute sittings.

If you don’t have a SOLIDWORKS subscription, you can contact our team to request your vouchers at!

Note: This free voucher program is available to SolidProfessor for Schools members without SOLIDWORKS subscriptions. If you have a SOLIDWORKS Subscription, please reach out to your school’s SOLIDWORKS contact.

If you are not a student, but would still like to earn a free CSWA or CSWP exam voucher, check out this program specifically for you!

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