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“SolidProfessor is a great resource, not only for onboarding novice users, but also for someone experienced like me.” – Adrian Velazquez


Adrian Velazquez is the CAD Administrator for Dexcom, a company that is transforming diabetes care and management by providing superior continuous glucose monitoring technology. Adrian used SolidProfessor at his previous company and brought it with him to Dexcom. “I started using SolidProfessor personally, and when I grew into the CAD admin role, I knew that my team would benefit from having the same resource. We relied on Shakespeare for the corporate video that we were working on. Working with up to a hundred engineers that interact with SOLIDWORKS, it’s really almost impossible to set up continuous training without a resource to help.”

Lesson flexibility

Adrian chose SolidProfessor because of the “flexibility and the robustness of the content,” including the convenience of online access and the ability to lay out different lessons plans for the different skill levels across his team. “Managing multiple skill levels with SolidProfessor and the admin resources is really good because I can lay out different lesson plans depending on the current skill level or the goals. A lot of the users are really focused on getting their certification. So that’s something I can focus the lesson plans on, getting them certified.”

Robust content

Appreciating the robustness of the SolidProfessor content, Adrian saves time by providing his team a resource for their questions. “The quality of the lessons is the best aspect of SolidProfessor, that’s what drew me to it. The level of detail that is explained in every video, just going in depth to every feature of SOLIDWORKS, is something you don’t find anywhere else. They explain what every single option does and they demonstrate how it’ll affect your model or design.”

Quick set up

When Adrian was first promoted to CAD admin, he had a lot on his plate. “Getting started with SolidProfessor is really easy. I shoot out an email invite to my users. It’s as easy as opening up a link and going through the lesson plans. As a manager, SolidProfessor has helped me in terms of the workload and the resources to work with my team. The admin tools are the leverage I have for planning lessons, getting users certified, and monitoring the activity of my team. As Dexcom continues to grow, SolidProfessor helps Adrian onboard new users while keeping his current team up to date. “We’re a really fast-paced, growing company and we’ve added a lot of new users in the past few years, so having SolidProfessor is a great tool.” Adrian uses SolidProfessor himself, as well, for keeping current with the latest SOLIDWORKS capabilities. “SolidProfessor is one of my main tools for staying up to date with the latest features and functionalities. SolidProfessor is a great resource, not only for onboarding novice users, but also for someone experienced like me. There’s always update training. There’s always new content and resources. I would absolutely recommend SolidProfessor.”

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