The Downsides of YouTube as an Engineering Learning Tool


At a Glance: Top 6 Reasons Why SolidProfessor is Better than YouTube for Engineering and Design Tutorials

We all know what YouTube is for — cute cat videos, watching gamers stream, or maybe figuring out how to fix something that broke at your house. The downside? It’s rife with ads, poor-quality content, filler and fluff, and biased creators plugging paid sponsorships.

When you’re in a pinch, skip the ads and check out your SolidProfessor account which is used by more than 300,000+ engineers to learn more about engineering and engineering software.

  1. It’s ad-free.
    You won’t have to spend any time waiting for the skip button to load.
  2. All content is created and curated by vetted engineering experts.
    All the content on SolidProfessor is designed for engineers by engineers.
  3. Relevant engineering content without the distractions.
    We don’t have any cute cat videos or gaming streamers to distract you.
  4. No marketing fluff and no paid sponsorships.
    With SolidProfessor tutorials, we get right to it. You have a problem. We have a solution —
    and next steps or recommendations for additional tutorials.
  5. We don’t censor our creators.
    But also, you know, we talk about educational content, not current events. But if there’s ever a spicy take on CAD or CAM software, you’ll hear it here first.
  6. Depending on your VAR, it’s potentially free to you.
    There is a good chance you already have access through your SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller. The majority of North American SOLIDWORKS Resellers now include SolidProfessor bundled with their SOLIDWORKS subscription offerings.

Trustworthiness of Content — YouTube vs. SolidProfessor for Engineering Tutorials

To go a bit deeper, the main reason why SolidProfessor shines over YouTube for engineering tutorials comes down to quality, relevancy, algorithms, and intention.

Low vs. High Quality Content

YouTube: Anyone can upload a video to YouTube, which means you don’t know if the person explaining how to use surfacing tools in CATIA’s Generative Shape Design Workbench has ten years of experience in the field or is still in school.

SolidProfessor: With SolidProfessor, you’ve got a trusted source of engineering tutorials vetted and created by industry-active subject matter experts who have put decades of experience into SolidProfessor tutorials.

Irrelevant Content vs. Relevant Content

YouTube: YouTube is filled with so much content that it can be hard at times to find exactly what you are looking for, and let’s face it, there’s a lot to be distracted by on YouTube — cute cat videos, funny reviews, but sometimes it’s straight-up just not the content you were looking for or it’s extremely outdated. Additionally, YouTube’s business model is set around maximizing user minutes spent on the platform, not learning outcomes.

SolidProfessor: SolidProfessor allows you to quickly get the information you need and it doesn’t waste your time when you get there. Lessons are bite-sized, lasting only 3-4 minutes each and search is intelligently designed by utilizing the lesson transcripts and relevant keywords.

Rabbit Hole Algorithm vs. Iterative Learning Paths

YouTube: If you haven’t cleared your YouTube search history, we can’t be exactly sure what video YouTube will serve you next! Unfortunately, you’ll be at the mercy of the algorithm. Also, we’ve not heard of a YouTube CAD certification and can’t guarantee how great that looks on a resume.

SolidProfessor: Instead of a rabbit hole, SolidProfessor has goal-oriented Learning Paths, and content is curated into lessons that build upon one another. For example, one learning path takes you from beginner through certification, which you can be sure will look good on your CV.

Fluff Content vs. Meaty Content

YouTube: Plenty of YouTube videos are full of pitches, tangents, and fillers. No one wants to listen to an intro 5 minute pitch before they finally tell you how to do the thing you wanted to learn.

SolidProfessor: Every lesson in SolidProfessor is straight to the point — no ads, intros, or sponsor shout-outs. In SolidProfessor lessons, we get straight into the topic and how it works because we value your time.

Sponsorship vs. Unsponsored Content

YouTube: YouTube’s mission is to give “everyone” a voice and show them the world. That’s a pretty big scope for someone who is just looking to get up to speed on SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Add to that, you’ll unduly have to listen to creators plugging specific brands for paid sponsorship activities.

SolidProfessor: SolidProfessor’s mission is to build the community for 3D design, training, tools, and development, which means we make it easy for designers and engineers to get the best information possible so they can excel at what they do. Fun fact: SolidProfessor, unlike YouTube, was never a dating site, but there’s an idea! A dating site just for engineers.

Ads and Pop-ups vs. Ad-free Experience

YouTube: No one likes ads, but they are a necessary evil of the modern-day web and the bread and butter of YouTube’s business model. When you’re trying to figure something out, every second matters, especially for learning (at least for those of us short on time and attention.)

SolidProfessor: You’ll never see ads, popups, or redirects when you’re watching our content. SolidProfessor users experience a premium learning environment because we make sure our library of content stays high-authority, always on-topic, and devoid of distractions.

Conclusion – Check out your SolidProfessor Account!

So next time you need help with engineering or design software, think SolidProfessor, not YouTube. Have you tried it out yet? Sign In to your SolidProfessor Account:

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