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“I wish I had SolidProfessor for all my classes.” – Ethan Rejto


Ethan Rejto attends the University of Colorado Boulder, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Ethan describes how he and his team learned and mastered Onshape with SolidProfessor.


During his junior year studying mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, Ethan Rejto was ready to do some complex and insightful design work. With foundational calculus and physics classes behind him, Ethan was excited to do what he came to college to do – design. His first class, Component Design, assigned Ethan and his team a semester-long project of designing and manufacturing a drill-powered vehicle to race 150 feet and then stop within 20 feet of the finish line.


To learn Onshape, Ethan and his team used another cloud-based resource – SolidProfessor. Ethan describes the main benefit of SolidProfessor is “that it is accessible from anywhere, even if I don’t have my computer on campus, I can still access the tutorials from my iPad or school computer.”

Ethan says that “SolidProfessor gathered all the information we needed to use Onshape all in one place.” Combined with Onshape’s collaboration capabilities, Ethan and his team were able to innovate and iterate quickly. “With my entire team’s data now living in one central place in the cloud, things started to go much more smoothly. Our assembly was created in a quarter as many mates because we instantly knew where all our documents were and which one was the most up to date. I never heard ‘Where’s the latest version?’ again. And as a bonus, Onshape allowed us to quickly explore new design ideas and take creative risks we otherwise wouldn’t have taken in traditional CAD. Built-in version control and knowing our entire revision history was saved was our safety net. There was no longer any downside to taking design risks.”


To learn all of these capabilities, SolidProfessor was key. Ethan appreciated “the fact that [he] could go back and rewatch things [he] missed, and that lessons moved at a good pace and in a logical order. SolidProfessor helped [him and his] classmates better understand the concept of multipart modeling and design intent, which was not a topic [they] were overly familiar with.”

“We received an ‘A’ on our Component Design project. My design team was extremely grateful for being introduced to full-cloud CAD,” Ethan says about his experience, “I wish I had SolidProfessor for all my classes.”

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